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My name and the story behind it

Posted: Aug 6, 2021 | Reading time: 1 min
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My name is Robbi Nespu and if you don’t already know me, then you are probably trying to pronounce my weird name. It actually a combination of two Arabic words (I am muslim).

The first part; Robbi (رب) means God and lastly the second part; Nespu (نصف) an ancient Malays spelling for Nisfu (نيسفو) which means Half. Now if you translate it directly, my name have meaning something like “Half God”. Now you know the translation. It kind a weird huh?

Well, actually there is story behind why my name pickup like this, “Ruby” is a person who my mother know and my mother acknowledge her for being are very obedient to her parents. In others setting, I was born on Nisfu Syaaban (نصف شعبان), so in conjunction of the Nisfu Syaaban event and that Ruby person (by alter the spelling a little bit so it look more like a name for boy), therefore my mother give me this name “Robbi Nespu”.

I have once want to change it too but I change my mind because it have nothing wrong and people can accepting my name without any problems. It also easier to memorize.

So that is a story of my cool and epic name…


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  • 💬 Munish: @jeremycherfas nice little and educational post ?
  • 💬 jeremycherfas: @Munish Truth be told, they asked for a bookmark to check out the JSON and I was first on the scene and happy to oblige. And it IS a good story
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