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Commenting System - Utterances removed, just use email

Posted: Aug 22, 2021 | Reading time: 1 min

Previously I use Disqus as commenting system on my older version of website (back then when I still use Jekyll) but after reading they privacy policies and saw lot of complaints about from internet users, I decide to move on to Utterances.

On 21 August 2021, I decided to remove Utterances from this website too because it look silly for a Gitlab (host) pages using Github commenting system approaches.

I once think we can use good old mailing lists as an alternative, that why I configure, setup sourcehut and groups.io mailing list aka public inbox, so the discussion will be publicly for everyone and maybe it contain something useful for references but it is difficult to make hassle to handle.

So now, I am fully switched to private email for any comments, feedback and discussion. I maybe try to implement WebMention as additional way to communicate each other via ActivityPub protocol.

Sure, it is nice to get nice feedback for the articles I’ve written in the past or comments that correct some of outdated or otherwise incorrect information in articles but I think that those comments can be easily posted by contacting me directly.


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