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Trello - lockout SSO!

Posted: Nov 8, 2020 | Reading time: 1 min

Have you hear about the recent reports about Atlassian handling over control over their user’s personal Trello account to their former employer by SSO?

That was very inappropriate thing happen on both party. I understand, trello user will prefer to have only one account for work and personal usage as the Kanban board have option for who can use and edit. To me, it not user fault. What is the point of allowing user to add more than one email at first place!

Today, I logged into trello. It has been three years since I left my previous company (I registerd company email as 2nd email address on trello) and I was lucky enought that my account are not locked out without my consent.

If my blogpost reached you and you have using multiple email for Trello, I suggest go and check your account. If you lucky like me, then you just need to set one email for trello for one purpose only, what I mean here to use personal email for personal usage or use company email for work usage. Don’t mix up everything together!


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