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How to write issues / bug report?

Posted: Jun 6, 2021 | Reading time: 2 min

To be honest, there are many articles written before on this very subject but I gonna write it based on what I learned and experienced working with european, asian company and my involvement with opensource and proprietary software. This 5 criteria helps you getting a clear report and getting fast response.

  1. Stay cool - Donโ€™t expect all of your issue to be accepted and paid for (bug bounty?). You should report it ASAP if you found problems and collect all log, screenshot or any evidance to prove what you want to tell. You might missed something and the expertise such as developer may ask you more stuff and guide you how to get it, some won’t but please do stop youself from reporting.

  2. Exaggerate - Either minor or major issue it best if you could represent like there is no tomorrow and entire world will collapse if they donโ€™t fix it. But don’t play drama, be transparent and show them you want to make the software more quality and reliable.

  3. Show efforts - Make the description look “rich” and clearly demonstrating that you undertand what you are expecting and what actually happen. In my experince, some of people can make 3-9 pages report on single issue which is make my manager sweats alot and need to send me flying from Malaysia to Hong Kong just to verify the issue. Do you know why? It make some people take it serious especially if you are paying for it, it make sense and the assigned people actually appriciated details report. Anyway, make sure it strong and well formatted. Attach thus screenshot, logs and anything usefull for check later.

  4. Look engaged - Since we are human, we have heart and feeling. So try to say something like “Please let me know if you want me to investigate more and provide additional details”. This look like you care about it and expecting supports.

  5. Be altruistic - Don’t said something that you care about rewards but show that you care about the project and honestly want to help. Say that you worry about the users, about the market, about the mission, about the bigger scope, etc.

That all 5 criteria that you should take care, I believe you will be a more successful issue / bug reporter after this. Hope so, since all thus 5 criteria stated here will make the report have more weight and it benefit both party in term of details and understandings.


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