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Software War (Keith Curtis)

Posted: Jun 27, 2020 | Reading time: 1 min

Hello there! Do you know who Keith Curtis? If yes then good! If no and you are someone who using opensource software then you should get to know who are this guy.

I never meet him personally but I my love with linux start with Debian and I like to read his blog about debian, opensource vs proprietary software, questioning about Ubuntu existant etc (which is how this thing lead me to his weblog 10 years ago).. I just silent reader, I read this articles including everyone comments which I believe everyone have they own implicit objective and mutual objective for everything about IT.

Ok, sorry for the crap introduction taking too long. Today, I visited his weblog and found out he releasing “ Software Wars, the Movie ”.

You can download the torrent file HERE or watch it on the Peertube that he already setup.

P/s: If you wonder which articles lead me to his weblog 10 years ago..then let me tell you. That articles was “ Should Ubuntu Have Been Created? ”. From the title itself you can already smell how controversial yet so brave. Even Mark Shuttleworth come and leave a comment there.


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