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Jekyll - Unable to load the EventMachine C extension

Posted: Oct 16, 2020 | Reading time: 2 min

When I using --livereload parameter with Jekyll, I get nasty failure like below :

bundle exec jekyll serve --livereload --verbose -I
Writing Metadata: .jekyll-metadata
                    done in 3.442 seconds.
         Requiring: jekyll-watch
           Watcher: Ignoring (?-mix:^_config\.yml)
           Watcher: Ignoring (?-mix:^_site\/)
           Watcher: Ignoring (?-mix:^\.jekyll\-cache\/)
           Watcher: Ignoring (?-mix:^Gemfile)
           Watcher: Ignoring (?-mix:^Gemfile\.lock)
           Watcher: Ignoring (?-mix:^vendor\/cache\/)
 Auto-regeneration: enabled for 'D:/NOPE/robbinespu.gitlab.io'
Unable to load the EventMachine C extension; To use the pure-ruby reactor, require 'em/pure_ruby'
      Jekyll 4.1.1   Please append `--trace` to the `serve` command 
                     for any additional information or backtrace. 

After google-fu, the most solution given are to uninstall eventmachine-1.2.7-x64-mingw32 gems

$  gem uninstall eventmachine

Select gem to uninstall:
 1. eventmachine-1.2.7
 2. eventmachine-1.2.7-x64-mingw32
 3. All versions
> 2
Successfully uninstalled eventmachine-1.2.7-x64-mingw32

Then you can continue using --livereload parameter with Jekyll but if somehow in future you execute bundle install or bundle update, it will install eventmachine-1.2.7-x64-mingw32 gems again and you need to uninstall again. This is repeative..

The best solution and the proper step are:

  1. run command gem uninstall eventmachine and choose to uninstall eventmachine-1.2.7-x64-mingw32 gems from your system
  2. edit your Gemfile and add this line inside
gem 'eventmachine', '1.2.7', git: 'git@github.com:eventmachine/eventmachine', tag: 'v1.2.7'
  1. execute bundle install
  2. Clean up your jekyll build and cache with command bundle exec jekyll clean
  3. Lastly now you can use --livereload parameter without getting any issue if you execute bundle install in future

This should work nicely!


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