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2019 in review and my goal for 2020!

Posted: Jan 17, 2020 | Reading time: 6 min
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It’s about best time to I look back what happen last year.Admittedly, not much of this was actually on 2019. While working on my goals for 2020, I realized I missed out on a lot of thing that I want to do last years…

A lot’s changed over the last year and and I’m glad all of it’s happened.

It’s easy to look back on the last year and realize all the things that never got done… all the habits that were never broken… the miles never ran… books never read… but what I find truly hard is looking at what the next year should hold and how to keep myself accountable for it all.. that is what I said to myself, but I already got few trophy. Do you? Heh~

Writing 📃

As you see, I move on from github page to gitlab page. I am still using Jekyll as my blogging platform. I fix lot of this theme bug and add few features.

I used to write a lot more than I do, and I’m regretful that I let my daily writing activities trail off. I would love to return to the wonderful state of mind daily writing put me in.

let try spend more time writing about things I’ve learned here. This will be good step for me and since the reader are coming from this kind niche, it will be worth.

Books 📚

I read 4 physical books and 3 ebook last year, only 7 book in total.. such a small number. I will try harder this year. Insya Allah. I trying to read more technical book related to software engineering and financial management this year. I am thirst of knowledge and knowledge is GOLD.

Book to read - Year 2020 reading challenge How many books does the average person read? The answer is average number of books each person read over the course of a year was 12 books. So this year, I already set my goal using Goodreads, wish me luck!

Travelling / touring ✈️

Seems, last year are well spend in Malaysia. I have been in South Korea from december 2018 until february 2019. After that, I didn’t get assigned for any overseas project and no personal oversea travel. No biggie, I spent most of precious time with family and friends. s This year, I hope for travel with my bicycle. I love bike packing, I will prepare the stuff and start my journey (ultra light) with my bike :smile:

Lesson / class / training 💡

Alhamdulillah, I attend Quran class on friday night and Mandarin class on Saturday morning. So in total , I took 2 class. Wohooo..

I joined Al-Baghdadi Quran Pontian every friday night, learn a lot about tahmid and tajwid. Our Ustazah are very humble and good at teaching, as adult I find myself dificulty to get Al-quran recitation class in Johor compare to my origin (Terengganu) and joined short course learning Mandarin language. I think my lǎoshī is kind and awesome even though we (xuésheng /student) are just 2-4 person per session. I admire her motivation to teach people. Anyway, sometimes I skip the class (both) when I are tired and need to take care family matter. I hope next time, I can attend every session without missed the lesson :sleepy:

Scouting (rovers) ⚜️

Hmmm.. I join up UKDP - Unit Kelana D Pontian but I did’t get involved with any scouting activities (meetup, jamboree, training or camping) .

Unit Kelana D Pontian, Johor, Malaysia

Even I still don’t have sea rover uniform yet. I try my best for year 2020 to get actively involve with them.

Radio amateur 📡

Hmmm.. I join up W51 - Wilayah 51 Radio Amatur Kluang but I did’t do anything yet. I did collected few RAE notes and examination sample question. I will study and taking RAE examination this year. Insya Allah!

Cycling 🚴

Alhamdulillah, currently I got Polygon Xtrada 6 MTB! Joined couple of off road ride and a lot of on tarmac (on-road) ride. Bicycle is good exercise for my health and I like it so much.

Polygon Xtrada 6 (2018)
My personal rocket 🚀

Joined two fun ride last year and zero MTB jamboree. Perhaps this year I will join MTB jamboree with others. Before I forgot to mention, I mostly ride with BBCT - Big Boys Cycling Team (Simpang Renggam) and SCT - Sembang Cycling Team (Benut). This guy are very welcoming and supporting cyclist newbie like me and they like family to each others.

Now, I have two option.. 1) Sell my current bicyle or 2) upgrade my bicycle. Maybe I will opt for upgrade my bicycle slowly since I have plan to buy road bike for my wife. As mentioned before, I plan for bike touring trip with my bicycle soon. Pray for my safety, okey?

I also started using clipless pedal with my Shimano XC 701 MTB shoes..hehe~

Opensource / linux / code 🖥️

I have been years using Fedora (since Fedora 23), I not actively participate but I think.. I do give some bug reports, package testing. votes during election and helping people solve they problem via discussion and Stack Overflow. I still using Gnome and yes, gnome still suck but getting better from time to time. I maybe switch to XFCE or KDE next time.

During hacktoberfest 2019, I do some opensource contribution to Aqua Security and some others public repository. I received T-shirt and sticker as gift! Thanks :penguin:

Did couple of freelancing but client did’t pay fully and I do extra work. NVM, I just try to get some input of freelancer rates and scope anyway. I maybe getting more serious into freelancing this year.

No pet project been developed but I created few automation script using perl and bash for my job and future project. It will be helpful later. Plan to build up some system using C# (Dot net core) as my pet project this year.

Career 🚀

No improvement. Still working with SSI Schaefer. Only God know what happen next….

Family 👪

This is the best part of my life and for year 2019 which is I’m a father now! I am pleased to announce the birth of a hero. The baby was born on end of october and weighed 2.76kg. Mother and baby are both doing well too. Alhamdulillah.. Syukran..

With new comers, I need to manage my financial properly. I want to give the best for my baby future. I still have my mom and dad to take care also.

Health 😏

This year, I take medical checkup and everything look good. I just need to less eat red meat and more exercise (that why I love my bicycle). I lose 5 kg but but not consistently. I will motivate my self to do light exercise (sit-up, pumping) at home and cycling as much and as far I can.

Closing thoughts

Of course this isn’t always ideal. A good example is when you don’t actually know the value that you’re replacing. But nevertheless I think it’s a good alternative to move foward. Personally, I think this year I start lofting wonderful things I want to do. I will try my best to be better than before.

As 2020 starts to unfold, I’m sure things will come up and I’ll make tweaks here and there. Life changes constantly and it’s important to realize that flexibility is key.


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