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Posted: Jul 26, 2021 | Reading time: 1 min

With some nice blocks of free time, I’ve poured my energy into prepping for the next step.

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Title Start Type
Lectures for UC Berkeley CS 182: Deep Learning - Youtube 27/07/21 Education
The Uncanny Counter (경이로운 소문) - Netflix 26/07/21 TV series

To watch

Title Type
The Ultraman (ザ☆ウルトラマン, Za Urutoraman) - 1976 Animation
The Prestige Psychological thriller



Title Started Finished Type
Dr. Herdawatie Abd Kadir, UTHM. (2021) Strategy to Survive: Designing You Thesis. Part 1 , 2 - Youtube 29/07/21 29/07/21 Thesis preparation
Disenchantment . Matt Groening. Part 1, 2 and 3 - Netflix 01/05/20 08/08/21 TV series
Prof. Dr. Norzaidi Bin Mohd Daud, UITM. (2021) Common Mistakes by PhD/MSc Students - Google Meet 12/08/2021 12/08/2021 Study motivation

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