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Scoutlink vhost unaffiliated cloak

Posted: Nov 28, 2020 | Reading time: 1 min
/msg hostserv request what.the.heck
>hostserv< request what.the.heck
-HostServ- Invalid command. Use /msg HostServ help for a command listing

/msg hostserv offerlist
>hostserv< offerlist
-HostServ- vhost:user.scoutlink.net, creator:wojo (Feb 06 12:55:58 2011 +0000)
-HostServ- End of list.

/msg hostserv take user.scoutlink.net
>hostserv< take user.scoutlink.net
-HostServ- You have taken vhost user.scoutlink.net.
* users.scoutlink.net sets mode -x on rnm

/msg hostserv group
>hostserv< group
-HostServ- All vhosts in the group rnm have been set to user.scoutlink.net

/whois rnm
* [rnm] (~rnm@user.scoutlink.net): rnm
* [rnm] is connecting from ~rnm@xyz
* [rnm] #malay #english
* [rnm] clovehitch.scoutlink.net :Rack42, Azure - North Europe
* [rnm] is using modes +
* [rnm] is logged in as rnm
* [rnm] End of WHOIS list.


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