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My FOSS contributions and rants on Feb-April 2021

Posted: Apr 18, 2021 | Reading time: 2 min
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My rants and contributions to FOSS in Feb - April 2021

  • Involve with Debian and joined Debian Med teams , thank you Andreas Tille.
  • I intend to help Steffen Möller to package python-scanpy by fixing blocker and I end up packaging it missing dependencies which are python-sinfo and python-stdlib-list . Many thanks to who teach me how to packaging and Nilesh Patra for sponsoring me. The work on scanpy still unfinished, there is still leftover to do. WIP.
  • At same time I also send another ITP for python-scanorama , it working but the unit test asking for another missing package called as annoy from spotify and fbcpa from facebook.
  • Both missing package I able to rebuild locally but I not sending ITP yet. I send a request to Debian Python Team to join them and place both of this package under it.
  • I still contribute to Fedora as QA and few stuff. Another point, recently (actually few month ago but nvm, just put here), Izhar aka Kagesenshi get highsugar and re-activate the local community (Fedora Malaysia) via discord. He also setup a new team called Fedora Data Engineering SIG
  • After a while using and involve (contribute) with Fedora for fews years, I sometimes get a feel that Fedora and Red Hat moving so fast on everything and feel it not community oriented it more like leader oriented, take a look on something worth called as “flamewar” on Fedora-devel list which debate on changes on os-release.. check the Wiki here

There is few’s more contribution but I not keep track it properly, will update when I remember it 🤪


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