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Freenode vhost unaffiliated cloak

Posted: Nov 28, 2020 | Reading time: 1 min
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10:35 AM <rnm> hi, may I have an unaffiliated cloak?
10:35 AM <jess> rnm: gateway cloaks override unaffiliated cloaks, so if i give you an unaffiliated cloak, it won't show over your tor cloak
10:36 AM <rnm> i not always using tor
10:36 AM <SoyLunafan> hello everyone
10:36 AM <jess> rnm: i've assigned a cloak to your account then
10:36 AM <fgh> Unless you had a script thingy to make it look like you're always chatting
10:36 AM <rnm> thanks jess :)
10:37 AM <jess> np


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