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How to buy refurbished laptop directly (Malaysia)

Posted: Jun 25, 2020 | Reading time: 2 min

I write this post because maybe someone is looking how to buy laptop with cheaper price. There is many way how to get cheaper laptop from my experience selling and buying computer.

How? Ok check below for the opt and method how to get cheaper laptop in Malaysia :

  1. Buy second laptop from end-user (maybe been used a years and not serviced. But if you lucky, you can get mint condition)
  2. Buy new laptop during promotion such IT-fair, Merdeka promo, end year sale etc
  3. Buy refurbished laptop from third party
  4. Buy refurbished laptop from manufacture directly

Among of this options, I prefer method 1 (if lucky enough, to get good laptop condition), method 2 (need to wait, don’t rush and hurry) and method 4 (which I gonna cover here. Check it out)

I have to say, all this option comes with risk and little waranty.. if you scare, then buy the new one!


I not working with any manufactures here and I don’t have affiliate with them. All I do here, is simply share how to buy cheap laptop by you own

Buy refurbished laptop from manufacture (DELL)

Stock and model are limited, so as mentioned this is depend on your luck and what budget you have. New DELL laptop is quite pricey but DELL product are very good compare to others brand. Refurbished laptop or tablet also just little bit cheaper than buying new one but sometime they sell at very good price.

You can start hunt here dell.com/en-my/outlet/SystemStockRoomDetails . Don’t forget to install ShopBack addons on you chrome or you phone. They will give you 2% cashback. Nice!

All laptop is certified by DELL. Choose what you want and chat with DELL representive. If you satisfied the pay with card. You laptop will be transfer oversea (from DELL Singapore) and postage from DELL Penang.

Buy refurbished laptop from manufacture (ASUS)

Sorry gais, too bad because ASUS Malaysia don’t sell any refurbished laptop. Check my email with they support team below:

But you can try to buy from UK https://uk.store.asus.com/outlet.html , but of coz you will pay more because of various factor such as currency, shipping and tax.

Buy refurbished laptop from manufacture (ACER)

I don’t found anything on their website, but I already email them and asking about this thing. Will update later when I get their response


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