Yesterday, I saw someone posted on /r/Debian reddit about MiniDebConfOnline 2020. I checked, the link is linked to debian peertube instance maintain by Debian social team.

Good video for new comer with programming / testing knowledge to get involve with Debian project. I embed the video below:

Presentation slide are available on Debian Wiki.

P/s :

  • I just notice debian community have debian social team now. As usually, they mostly can be found only on IRC or email (mailing list ).
  • It great to have another platform to engage and share something and not using Facebook, twitter, tiktok etc-etc (because they take your data and use it!), but don’t replace mailing list with Discourse like Fedora did as replacement for AskFedora (i dont like they use forum style for this purpose, i prefer they use the askbot cms like before), mail list (earlier discussion), CommOps mail list. Aughh nevermind…
  • Anyway, I do agreed saying Fedora are very good with announcements, community news, and other updates using social network.