PHP workshop UTHMWeb based programming workshop 14-15 Nov 2014, FSKTM, UTHM

I dig out some old blogspot (my previous personal blog) and I saw one old post about Web based programming workshop which I involve as training instructor. This workshop is proudly organized by ITC (Information Technology Club), FSKTM, HEPA and UTHM.

I cover lot of basic and advance topic which is never covered by anyone else during past web based workshop. I expose web framework (using CodeIgniter that time), MVC, HMVC concept to them. I very happy when my knowledges been pass down to the participant and hopefully they will use it for good.

My thanks to Ms. Adeline and Mr. Firdaus who working with me as helper during the workshop and ITC 2013/2014 team for inviting me to be the instructor.