One of softwares I often use back then when using Windows and Linux are Zekr - Open Source Quran study tool. This software is based on Java SWT, it work fine and somehow it broken since three or four years ago (on Windows and Linux).


It work fine on Java 6 era but not anymore. You need to tweak, hack, compile you self or find package alternative.

I want to build this software as RPM package so it will be available for others but maybe it will take lot of effort.. plus there is issue about licensing, humm.. maybe next time?

Anyway, If you are looking for solution how to install Zekr on Fedora, just let me know. I will help.

Hint :

:x: Xulrunner package not available anymore (obsolute), you may download SDK manualy from here.

:heavy_check_mark: You cannot play audio (al-quran recitation) if your Java version above than version 6.

$ wget -qO
$ unzip -d /file_location_to/zekr/lib/ && rm -f
$ sed -i 's_:lib/tritonus-jorbis-0.3.6.jar:lib/jorbis-0.0.17.jar_:lib/tritonus-jorbis-0.3.6.jar:lib/tritonus-utils.jar:lib/jorbis-0.0.17.jar_' /file_location_to/

:books: Download Quran translation on Tanzil website (choose Zekr pack)

Pssst… I do appreciate if someone package Zekr in RPM and build on Copr :thumbsup: