Looking for best e-book viewer on linux? Then use Foliate! This is my favourite e-book viewer!!

Foliate viewer support epub, .mobi, .azw, and .azw3 files. Have few mode for you such as light, dark, sepia and invert theme mode.

How to install? Luckly, they also release distribution package for Fedora (sudo dnf install foliate , Arch and Void linux (xbps-install -S foliate). For DEB based such a Ubuntu or Debian can be download on latest release page. For others distribution, just download the source code and build yourself. Else, just download from Flatpak.

I really like the stylish interface and having fun experience compare to others viewer. Two-page view, scrolled view, metadata viewer and reading progress features that made me happy using this software.

There, I hope you will like this software too. Adios!