Guess what.. Now I owned a mountain bike!!! Alhamdulillah, syukran ya Allah. It is a hard tail cross country (xc) mountain bike from Polygon (which claimed have been over 25 years in this market).

For your infomation this hard tail frame is made in Indonesia and other part like fork are made from other country. Ok, enough with introduction! Here I show you, the Polygon Xtrada 6 (27.5)” model.

unboxingGet ready for unboxing?

I have tight budget when hunting for a mountain bike, I been asking people around and checking local bike shop, sadly I just able to see just a standard bike for casual taman rides, going up & down kerbs, fire roads which not suitable for trail riding stuff.

free giftSome of freebies from seller

Luckily, I got price sales offer from KH Bikes, Jitra, Kedah. The seller are responsive and offer a good price. I recommend you this local bike shop if you want to get Polygon bike. This shop is authorise seller, you can check here. I got a couple off free gift after purchased.

Anyway, because I buy it online then seller need to send it to me. He use Nationwide Express Courier services to ship my bike from Jitra Kedah to Johore. You can read “8 days of waiting and been patient with Nationwide Express Courier” to share my not so good experience with this courier..huh

classificationGot a label said about class 4

As you see, Xtrada 6 are classified as class 4 which mean it suitable to Cross country (XC) or trail bikes but for jumps or drops are intended to be less than 1m (maximum height) limit. This is a set of conditions for operation of a bicycle that includeds in category class 3 as well as rougher unpaved terrain.

classification details You can read the others class details here. Honestly IMHO, Polygon did a good job to give the details on they website. Good job!

lockable forkLock front suspension fork when on road and unlock when off-road

This SR SUNTOUR SF14-XCR 32, 120MM (27.5”) are good enough for MTB newbie like me. Got lockout features so you can ride on-road (No remote lockout, so use your hand)

fork sprungPreload pressure

I still wondering “preload” is for what? Haha.. as far I know, this is initial compression of the fork. Adjustable for your weight or your riding style. The more it’s compressed, the stiffer the fork will feel. Correct me, if I am wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

rebound dailRebound button are available on right side of the front fork

This bicyle using axle type quick release, so this will be easier to load into truck / van / suv (for bike hauling) or the worst part is to change the tyre when needed. Somehow, I feel insecure to ride and park somehere in the city. You know what I mean right? :expressionless:

Anyway, the extra features you will get is the rebound control. This is to control how fast your fork suspension return to its neutral position (not the downward compression stroke). Normally, this feature comes with rabbit-tortoise sticker but nope for this SR SUNTOUR SF14-XCR 32 fork. :rabbit: :turtle:

Shimano deoreShimano M610 DEORE 2x10 speed

Xtrada 6 comes haudralic brakes for both rear and front. This bicyle installed with 2x10 speed using Shimano M610 DEORE groupset. IMHO, DEORE groupset are classified as enthusiast level. Most of basic MTB sold with ALIVIO or ACERA or ALTUS or TOURNEY groupset which classified as entry level. You may refer the chart below

GroupsetSource: MTB groupsets -

There is some bias about groupset. who care? For me, DEORE give me efficient speed control :thumbsup:

rdRear Derailleur SHIMANO RD-M610 DEORE

ALX super light 6061 hydro formed aluminum frame with SHIMANO RD-M610 DEORE and decent price, this good enough. I won’t complain :satisfied:

qrQR - Quick Released system (rear and front)

You see the bike stand? That is not for MTB! I bought from chinese local bike shop at Benut, Pontian. He said this bike stand are suitable for all bike size. scammed :poop:

later on after one week, I bought another bike stand (Tips: If you are looking for bike stand, I suggest you to buy 3 in 1 bike stand - L stand. repair stand, vertical stand with adjustable hook)


Entity Void saddle, Entity Xpert rigid seatpost, Entity Xpert - 35mm stem and Entity Xpert - 760mm flat handle bar (long yet helpful). Yeah, everything is Entity :sweat_smile:

Cross country xcALX XC SPORT 27.5” - Say hello to my new friend (Look at color scheme, nice)

As conclusion, I am satisfied with this Polygon Xtrada 6 bicycle. Check the technology use from Polygon! I have lot of fun.

Thank you for reading my rambling. Leave your comment below if you need to ask something. Because this is not full review and I may missed something. I hope this writing are helpful for MTB riders :kissing_heart: