As you read on my previous post here, I bought a MTB from KH Bikes since they got promotion price for Polygon Xtrada MTB bikes (I will do review post later) and I have been waiting for my bike to be delivered from Jitra Kedah to Benut, Pontian, Johor.

Guess what.. the courier do a mistake scan the barcode and lost on tracking system…LOL :sob:

Do you see the weight? do I get the most lightweight bicycle on earth :eyes:

Anyway, the seller are responsible about this issue (thank you). I asked him to check and track since I got to go Singapore for few days. He contacted Nationwide Jitra and found out the package are located at Batu Pahat and waiting to be send out.

I also tried to contact Nationwide Batu Pahat using contact number 07-431 4869 (I got from Google) but no ones pickup the phone. With somehelp, I got another phone number 07-431 0750 and able to reach the operator, she said item will be deliver on Tuesday or Wednesday. I ask her to double check my item are there or not then after givin the tracking code, she said the item will be deliver today (29 April 2019) and yes, item was delivered on that day during afternoon.

after waited 8 days and been patient, Alhamdulillah I got my MTB! I hope the Nationwide Express Courier will improve they service in future. That all my rant. Wasalam.. :bicyclist: