Assalamualaikum (Peace upon you),
last time during IT commissioning I stayed in Bansong-dong, Hwaseong-si area and worked at Dongtan, Hwaseong-si. So as a muslim , I need to go someplace for Friday Prayer or Congregational Prayer (is a prayer that Muslims hold every Friday, just after noon instead of the Zuhr prayer) :smile:

Lucky for me, there is a nearest place I can go for prayer, it called as “Ashrafia Masjid / Suwon Mosque (Kyung Hee Islamic Center):+1:

Ashrafia Masjid / Suwon Mosque

Somehow, as outsider who live in Korea, you will get problem with GPS navigation since you cannot use Google Map or Waze as GPS navigator. You need to use Naver-Map or Kakao-Map. You may use this latitute 37.2482005,127.078646 or just click on this KakaoMap link

My phone memory card are broke, so all picture are lost. Sorry, there is no picture to share :sweat_smile:
Anyway, I hope the information here will be helpful for muslim traveller to this area. Wassalam